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1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Sno Scout, original, unrestored.  247cc JLO with dual HL carbs as original, needs seat cover repaired, has new windshield and new decals will be included.  This would be an easy sled to refurbish and ride as an original, unrestored machine.  Track, drives and bogies are all in good shape.  $800


1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Wide Track 22, just finishing reassembly after new paint, new fuel tank, new bogie tires, new drive sprockets, new seat covers, freshened MAG 540 with new ignition parts, seals, gaskets.  All chrome replated, new decals...this will be a show-winner for sure!  Ready very soon at $2600


1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Wide Track 22 Project, clean, running original 22" model with new windshield.  Complete, upholstery is good, no rust, chrome would clean up or could be replated.  It's all here.  Could be refurbished as an unrestored original or totally restored.  $800


1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Wide Track 22 Project sled, was running a few years ago, complete, new windshield, good upholstery, no rust.  Chrome will clean up fine or could be replated.  $700


1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Wide Track 22, restoration in process with new paint, chrome replated, new decals, new windshield, new drive sprockets, new aluminum fuel tanks, new bogie tires, new seat cushions and more.  The MAG 540 engine has had the carb rebuilt, new crank seals, new head gaskets and more.  Track is original but in good shape.  $2600  Photos available soon

1968 AMF Ski-Daddler Wide Track 22, currently undergoing a thorough restoration with all new bearings, chrome plating, drive sprockets, decals, windshield, wiring, rebuilt Dynastarter, new seat cushions, new hand grips, new tail light lense and so much more.  The original MAG 540 was running strong but is receiving new ignition parts, new crankshaft seals and new head gaskets along with a carb rebuild.  $2600 Photos available soon.


1969 AMF Sno Scout, original, unrestored Ski-Daddler in excellent shape.  New windshield.  Original decals, paint and uphostery are in good shape.  Track is good.  $1000



1969 AMF Ski-Daddler Super Scout MKII, here is a project sled, complete but needing restoration.  Rust free sled with rare electric start (works), chrome is very clean and would polish up nicely.  $400, photos on request.

1969 AMF Ski-Daddler Super Scout MKII, original sled, refurbished with new paint, windshield, decals and more.  Excellent track.  $900


1969 AMF Ski-Daddler Super Scout MKII, from the original owner this sled is unrestored and is a great candidate for complete restoration.  Rust-free Northwest snowmobile.  Could be a great machine with little effort.  $600


1966 AMF Tow Sled, Brown and Cream to match Power Sled, unrestored, needs minor fiberglass work.  This is a rare item!  $600

1968 AMF Cargo Sled, very rare, silver, original decals are intact, very good shape for an original unrestored item.  $700

These snowmobiles are  for sale.   Email:


AMF Classic Snowmobiles, 1966 to 1975

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