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1969 1/2 Ski-Daddler MK 23 and MK 26


The totally redesigned 1970 Ski-Daddlers were right around the corner.  Bridging the gap between the "gray line" and "orange line" models was this 1969.5 Ski-Daddler Mark 23 or the Mark 26.  Both the MK 23 and MK 26 featured a 399 2 cylinder Kohler engine with electric start, rear seat mounted fuel tank and utilized basically the 1969 cowl with an orange paint job.  The MK 26 was rated at 26HP and the MK 23 came in at 23 HP (same engine with carburation differences).  Purchasers of the 1969 Wide Track 18 (5818) with Lloyd engine could exchange their underpowered snowmobile for MK 23..  The Lloyd engine in the '69 Wide Track 18 was rated by the manufacturer at 20 HP but delivered substantially less in actual service. 


AMF Classic Snowmobiles, 1966 to 1975

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